The Aqua Coffea concept enables us to create consistent, high-quality drinks. In this special diamagnetic process,
tap water is treated and returned to the original source structure and thus, its structure resembles the structure of natural spring water. This is how we ensure consistent premium quality of our coffee specialties. This allows the water to absorb more flavour, giving the coffee a full-bodied taste. ​

we make sure that
every cup of coffee
HAS their unique Taste!



Our wine offerings are international and exclusive. We source them from the best, traditional wine-growing countries of Europe.

A good wine is more than just ingredients. A good wine accents and elevates your experience.

Tradition, enjoyment,
Innovation & Emotion



By means of the innovative “Aqua Coffea” water treatment, the water is returned to the original structure (original state) of nature and can thus be structurally compared with natural good spring water. An extension of this concept are the Aqua Coffea lemonades. 
We also offer this water as a refreshing drink, still or sparkling, in 5 different flavors.


These are also available to go.

​The fresh experience!

Late into
the night…


...we offer you bagels, aperitif plates, paninis, and more!

On events we serve you individual creations, fine delicacies and delightful desserts.

Enjoy our
all-round service!



For our cocktails we use only high quality juices and liquor. The fresh ingredients are complemented by the decorative presentation of the cocktails. Together with our unique and innovative bar, every celebration turns into an atmospheric and unforgettable event.

Fruity, creamy or classic – Bro's cocktails stand for variety and enjoyment. No matter what kind of event you are planning, you will find exactly what you are looking for.

you sould try them!

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